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YouVersion is an app that you can find on your phones app store. On here you can read any part of the Bible and you can have daily devotions sent to you each day. This app will read to you, highlight verses for you, and allow you to see different versions of the Bible. This will come in handy for ministering to others at anytime. Go get the download.

Bible Gateway allows you to type in any keyword, subject or topic and it will bring up what it can find on what you searched. Also, you can compare different versions of the Bible to get a more complex or more simplified side.

As Christians we desire to read God's word to know what he wants for our lives. Often times we struggle with understanding what every story, word, or verse means. That's why our media team has created this awesome page to give you some useful tools to help you find the answers to some of your questions or confusion. We hope that the items we have provided not only help you but show you knew ways of learning and cause you to dig further into God's Word. Keep fighting the good fight!

The Bible Project makes videos for each book of the Bible and explains the history, meaning, and context. This is a great tool because it allows you to visualize it and presents new information you may not know. This is something you could use before or after reading a book to get a complete understanding of what your reading.

We ​now have started putting our services on our Youtube page. Preaching is God using a mouth piece to teach us the way He wants us to go. Therefore, preaching services are one of the most important items to use to get a better understanding of His word. So, go and watch those services for help.

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